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Paint Me Down

Hi, my name is Pip and I am an artist formerly from Bath and now based on the Wirral, England with a passion for art and music.


My music tastes have been very much influenced by my childhood years growing up in the eighties. One of my earliest memories is watching Adam and the Ants on Top of the Pops when I was only 10 years old and being totally fascinated – the epic sound of tribal drums and war chants, not to mention the flamboyant costumes and makeup! That started my love of music and I remain a massive fan of Adam to this day.

Like most of us I had many childhood dreams but then real life got in the way. This was not a bad thing to be fair, I have a successful career and two wonderful children and wouldn’t change a thing if I had my time again. However, as I approached my fifties and had a bit more time on my hands again I realised I wanted to reignite some of my life passions and hobbies that have taken a back seat. Some have joked it’s a mid-life crisis moment…and maybe it is...but I’m now enjoying life more than I ever have doing the things I love.

So, a few years ago I joined a rock band called Fortitude with some friends at work. I was a self taught guitarist so found myself a decent tutor but never thought I’d be good enough to play in a band so this took quite a bit of courage to begin with, particularly the first time we played to a live audience. I have no delusions of ever making it famous, but the sheer fun of jamming some of my favourite songs and the buzz I get from performing live at a gig cannot be matched. We now regularly perform gigs in the South West region of the UK and our debut album 'Reverie (Tales of Experienced Adolescents)' has amassed over 100,000 streams on Spotify. It even includes a song I have written about my experience called ‘Don’t Quit Your Daydream’!

More recently I have focused on my other passion for contemporary pop art. To begin with I launched my collection ‘Eighties Pop Icons’ which is inspired by some of my favourite pop music artists of the 1980’s in a themed series of bold and colourfully stylised paintings. This was followed by my 'Eighties Synthpop' collection, black and white paintings celebrating some of the pioneers of electronic pop music, and my 'Eighties Goth collection, a homage to the epic, darker sounds of the era. I am currently working on my 'New Romantics' collection in honour of all the flamboyant artists of the time pushing the boundaries of style and fashion. I hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed painting them, there is a part of me in every piece.  If you love music as much as me why not go ahead and treat yourself to a unique piece of art that will be the proud centrepiece of your room and bring joy to you everyday - make a visual statement about what matters in your life!

So I guess the moral of the story from me is, no matter what your life circumstances don’t ever give up on your life passions and dreams, it’s never too late! As the quote from Vincent van Gogh says on my home page “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”.

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Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

Adam Ant

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