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US Radio station, Bonepool Radio, acquires Morrissey painting

In March 2020, Michelle S. Lomuscio, owner and Music Director of US Radio station Bonepool Radio, contacted Pip Pop Art about acquiring Pip's 'The Smiths - Big Mouth Strikes Again' original painting. She desperately wanted to purchase the piece for her radio station's studio and after some clarifications with Pip regarding international shipping the deal was done and the painting was on it's way to the States!

To me you are a work of art!

This is what Michelle had to say once the painting had arrived...

"It’s here! We are so excited! This original painting arrived today from across the pond and it is impossibly beautiful! It will be lovingly hung in the studio of our local radio station where artists like Morrissey are celebrated and adored. Phil is an incredibly talented artist and we feel so fortunate to have a piece from his collection in our midst. Thank you so much! It is gorgeous!"

About Bone Pool Radio

At Bone Pool Radio, our goal is simple - bring incredible music to northern New Jersey. Local, independent radio has been missing from our lives for far too long. So, we’re here to have fun, play great artists, and spread the word about the emerging Jersey music scene.

Our BPR DJs have free rein to play what they want. No corporate $ driving playlists here. You’ll hear an array on Indie, Punk, Shoe Gaze, Garage, Ska and of course, lots of local NJ bands!

Meet Michelle, BPR’s Visionary Owner & Music Director

"On July 16 2018, Bone Pool Radio came to life – broadcasting from my studio in Maplewood, New Jersey. Launching a radio station has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I’ve always loved tuning in to my favourite radio stations in hot aural pursuit of my favourite songs!

With that in mind, I wanted to create a home for indie/alternative classics to be adored, a place where new music can be discovered, and provide a spotlight for incredible local North Jersey bands, along with showcasing the incredible DJs we have around the area. Their musical tastes and influence help keep the station invigorating! This is what we envision for Bone Pool Radio.

My hope is that Bone Pool Radio serves as a home for local North Jersey bands and small businesses whilst capturing the spirit of the WLIR/120 Minutes era. We hope you’re enjoying the BPR sound so far. We’re just getting started, and we’ll have lots more to share in the future."

Michelle S. Lomuscio

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