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'Freaky Baby' Texan Singer-Songwriter painting from Pip Pop Art

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

In May 2020 Pip was really pleased to have the opportunity to paint an original piece of art for Texan singer song writer Rachel Delgado, based on the cover of her debut album 'Chasing A Dream'.

Rachel was overjoyed with the painting. This is what she had to say "I want to thank you Phil for painting the pop art painting of singer songwriter Rachel Delgado’s CD cover of the single 'freaky baby' from the album Chasing the Dream. I’m so delighted, I was so amazed. How talented you are and such beautiful paintings you create, a masterpiece each lovely one. I was so happy and excited when I saw my painting. I thought wow how beautiful, what a work of art. Thank you my dear friend I would gladly buy a painting anytime and I recommend my friends to buy a painting from you. They will not ever be disappointed, they will be like me happy, excited. I cried when I saw the painting, I could not believe how beautiful your creation is. Again thank you sir Phil Pike the amazing Pip Pop Art."

Freaky Baby

Freaky Baby is a single from the album 'Chasing A Dream'. More videos from Rachel can be seen on her YouTube channel here.

About Rachel Delgado

Rachel is a Texan musician, artist, actress and model. She was born in Paducha, Texas, raised in Graham, Texas and now lives in Vernon, Texas. You can follow her on all social media platforms at Official Rachel Delgado.

Rachel is an upcoming music artist who has also done some modelling and acting. She performed in a show "Carpool Cheating Confessions" with detective Daniel Gomez which is a spin off of the TV show "Cheaters".

Rachel sings a variety of music such as Spanish, English, Albanian, rock, Christian rock, spiritual, dance club, r&b, and country. She has performed and collaborated with numerous musicians including Roy Jones, brother of Howard Jones, 80's band Red Beat, and Daniel Gierke 'The Brute'. Her debut album 'Chasing A Dream' is out now.

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